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Carniceria El Campesino has authentic Mexican Food and is a full-service Latino Grocery near Walker's Point in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.


Carniceria El Campesino

635 W Greenfield Ave,

Milwaukee, WI

(414) 645-0288


Welcoming customers, answering their questions, helping them locate items, and providing advice or recommendations. Balancing the cash register and generating reports for credit and debit sales.

Accepting payments, ensuring all prices and quantities are accurate and proving a receipt to every customer.Processing refunds and exchanges, resolving complaints.


Bagging or wrapping purchases to ensure safe transport.Following all store procedures regarding coupons, gift cards, or the purchase of specific items, such as alcohol or cigarettes.Maintaining a clean workspace.



Cleaning and maintaining tools and equipment and ensuring displays and signage are accurate and attractive.Weighing, packaging, pricing, and displaying products. Keeping records, budgets, and inventory. Performing quality inspections on meats and other products.

Adhering to food safety and sanitation controls. Greeting and speaking to customers, providing advice, answering questions, and accepting orders or payments. Coordinating deliveries or order pickups.


Accept delivered packages and ensure the proper amount is inside. Unload merchandise. Mark items with identifying codes, such as price, stock, or inventory control codes. Stock shelves with unpacked items. Ensure the label is clear and visible.

Compute the price of merchandise and keep records of sales. Prepare merchandise for shipment and replenish inventory. Ensure customer received product.


Replace damaged or missing products. Operate forklift to lift or place merchandise. Work with salespeople on inventory and orders.


Oversees the operation of a store's meat department. Is in charge of the employees in the department and may be responsible for training, overseeing, scheduling and completing paperwork, along with other tasks. Also in charge of customer service in his or her department and is responsible for handling complaints, ensuring satisfaction and maintaining quality service. 


Maintain safety and sanitation standards according to the store's specifications and to stay in compliance with federal, state and local regulations in those same areas. May also monitor store inventory, keep supplies in stock and ensure that products are fresh. 

Butcher Manager


Come and experience the Original Taste of Hispanic Recipes with your family and friends. Recipes submitted by our community of foodies. 


Submit a Recipe for a Chance to Win a $25 Gift Cards!


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